Comparision Atmega8 Atmega8A Atmega88 Atmega88PA

Do not buy dinosaurs. Data that is hard to find in this form.

Atmega8 Atmega8A Atmega88 Atmega88PA
4,5-5,5V 2,7-5,5V 2,7-5,5V 1,8-5,5V
0-16MHz 0-16MHz 0-10MHz; 0-20MHz@4,5-5,5V 0-20MHz
5 sleep modes 5 sleep modes 5 sleep modes 6 sleep modes
Temperature sensor
Active: 3,6mA Active: 3,6mA Active: 250uA@1MHz Active: 0,2mA(200uA)
Idle: 1,0mA Idle: 1,0mA
PowerDown: 0,5uA PowerDown: 0,5uA PowerDown: 0,1uA PowerDown: 0,1uA
Qtouch support Qtouch support
UART in SPI mode UART in SPI mode
Vref 2,56V 2,56V 1,1V 1,1V
3,44zł TQFP32 3,98zł TQFP32 6,52zł TQFP32 6,00zł TQFP32

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